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well there the main weekly headlines from r.t. sealing the deal with the twenty eighteen world cup in the bag all rights left is for russian officials and fifa to work out the game plan the signing ceremony is taking place in st petersburg and will give russia fishel status as a host nation games will be held in five clusters consisting of fourteen cities. recap of the week's top stories poland the plans to restage the flight that killed its president and ninety five others this comes on the russian report blamed pilot error or something worse or does not fully accept minister donald tusk and search the parliament not to politicize investigation. ahmed karzai makes an
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official visit to moscow the first by afghan leader in decades drug trafficking and trade dominated talks with the president the other both sides committed to supporting each other scattered around to help afghanistan after the withdrawal of western forces in three years' time. the lawyer over the ledge that russian arms dealer beat to boot is on a mission to prove his concept for addition to the us was illegal his defense team says it goes against established procedures along american is a system called him the merchant of death boot says he's the victim of a propaganda war. wrecks so he should not talks to hunt karzai about the struggle his country faces and its war on drugs in an exclusive interview with r.t.d. afghan president and ends up about this and other issues his country's grappling with its path to independence.
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karzai afghan president it's an honor and pleasure to have you with us today sir. thank you what were your hopes in two thousand and four when you were made president of afghanistan my whole put aspirations were the. peace for afghanistan a stable afghanistan afghanistan in close contact. with its neighbors and the new neighbors a country that progress into a better economy. better living standard of the afghan children who were deprived of education for so many decades who would have a chance to go to school some of those are spruces have been with some of them have
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not been made so that was my my aspiration at the time but what would you say precisely seven years or what do you want to achieve and where did you fail maybe you managed to achieve a better economy we were more than twenty universities and right now television channel. a construction industry and afghan flag flying all around toward an independent sovereign afghanistan and the rest of the war of course will have to read to stuff spirituals are for us security for the afghan people peace for the afghan people for the whole country. to come in that is our continued effort and struggle. for the past couple of years sorry you have been subject to much criticism both personal and professional how do you deal with it when i was attacked very strongly by the western media. for the past many years
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partly because of their lack of understanding afghanistan and the situation. partly because of politics and when your. in a country like afghanistan where there are so which will just and should work there's so much. conflict with the so what's rivalry were so many interests involved. it's only natural that. criticism like that would take place what would you say is they were like one main thing in afghanistan or about afghanistan that western media doesn't understand the . unfortunately or extremely simplistic conveyor in their study of ganesan and their analysis of measure if the if the afghan media were writing about politics sort of life or society in america or on fronts what with the right so
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diverse and that's how the the the information about us it's it's simplistic andrew demetriou at best well former u.s. ambassador to afghanistan karl eikenberry is on the record as saying that you are not a nation builder what do you feel when you hear something that coming from a former u.s. army general. well it's. a lot of a lot of things have been said in those reports. as we now hear from the week. from other media sources. i don't know what is meant by not a nation but. we are building or it's you shouldn't we are building or we were building go police we have a democratic. order we have free media so that's what it's called a nation building and the united states is helping in many areas on that with us so my freedom started that remark or you brought up wiki leaks have you come across
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something that you didn't know before that helped you or it damaged you in a way no the much of what came in to be complex did not come to visit price surprise those things before so no not really in your opinion the war on terror how much damage has it done to u.s. reputation in an islamic world well the war on terror is. to the extent that the war on terror is concerned. is it war a struggle for all of us it is a struggle for afghanistan it's a struggle for the united states it's a struggle for russia it's a struggle for the muslim countries it's a struggle for all of us start two more painful subject in twenty years after you came to power. and record levels of opium where harvested and that's to say at some
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point i think taliban pointed down to me and what happened where we are in charge. that afghan government the afghan people. we have reduced poppies and twenty two provinces of afghanistan in some of those provinces were completely eliminated. we are not in charge. of one or two provinces where there are taliban over there are more foreign forces and those provinces of course poppies of entries and that's a question but still the volume of afghan drug money as of today six point five billion dollars which is five times as much as your national budget i mean who is behind this how high up does its power reaches those who grow poppies. grow it out of desperation i know people in afghanistan who destroyed their division yards their pomegranate orchards to replace it with poppies invest must be
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done out of disparate. the trafficking is an entirely different matter the precursors that come to turn popular to narcotics is not of africa issue at all it's michael to afghanistan from other countries so those areas afghanistan is helpless to address the money the injured rate. illegally. six point five billion dollars as being five times afghan budget in afghanistan perhaps the afghan farmers receive cruise to some of this to me it's even much less than that so the rest of the money the real money goes abroad into into. into businesses are sort of get us to sue president people close to you for instance your health brother or your inner kardex minister are alleged by the united states to be involved in or in profit with a heroin trafficking. what do you do how can your administration be taken seriously
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when such accusations are out there in public yes there are there were these accusations in the u.s. media. these accusers began almost five years ago. or even or do it and i can talk to you a sufficient sort of repeatedly. not once or twice thrice five six seven eight nine ten times even more and grow to them officially if they have anything if it so that they should come to tell me they always can see that this was all who were so how do you ensure or when do you think your government will be self-sufficient what what else can you do to stop harvesting and trafficking and arose out of get started this thing is economic sure for the afghan people it is the are absolutely need and the hope for the future that we must fulfil their economic needs
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but we offer can our development of. infrastructure development and we must make sure that the afghans hope to have better hope for tomorrow the international drug trade is something that is beyond of again the sun's means to fight so that's an international matter for us to fight together but can't just somehow corporator help to stop the flow for instance today two point five million russians are addicted to after flawed we can't fly fight the law if you cannot stop it in russia you are a much more organized society you are a much more effective government if the united states cannot stop at the border with mexico. with all that policing in a better city we can a stunt the international community should have ganesan because we are very been destroyed by years of war and destruction and the infrastructure has gone the abilities gone the civil service and we can that's why we need to is there that's
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why russia is helping our police force that's why america is helping your military so how did we do the capability to prevent supplies from of ghana's into other countries of course who would have done it too and we would have not been in such up sorry state as a whore today you brought up nato help what's your response to british defense minister sir david richards has said that they test shit stain over thirty forty years in afghanistan well that was a statement for five years ago now you know we have a transition plan. and you know that britain has announced that they will be withdrawing their forces by twenty fifteen to believe that yes i believe that close contact with. prime minister cameron and his government the british will leave afghanistan by twenty feet the americans also want to reduce to forces by twenty fourteen the transition is the most important thing here so you disagree with those
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who say it's an realistic for nato to withdrawing truth and not what's not and realistically once we are back as a stable strong administration and country we can definitely protect our core we have a historical country. mention that you needed russian help in order to build that strong government independent government exactly what type of help do you want from russia there is there is both the ability to russia and the the need for russian afghanistan to engage with. natalee in a manner of russia help and afghanistan rebuild itself and re re develop its u two schilke capacity. but also by we are for trade by you or for investment by way of interaction between all businesses which is very strong do you think question seven better understanding of afghan mentality as opposed to americans oh yes a lot better a little bit because russia. is european and asian both russia understands
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us culturally better and more we have to start the goods for the better that's that's a fact of the right that's the spiritual thank you very much mr president and welcome and i sincerely wish you and your people all the best in achieving peace and democracy wish you the best to. thank. you. repairing a broken english. highway construction under human a tarion eight. buses shady officials talk at the spoils of war it's the people who pay the price. profiteering here is no longer just down to drug trafficking. afghanistan on the dollar. on. wealthy british style.
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but on. the. market why not come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max cause or for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines and to cause a report. to be soon which brightened if you knew about someone from finest impressions. who threw stones on t.v. dot com hungry for the full story we've got it first hand the biggest issues get
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the human voice face to face with the news makers on. sealing the deal for the twenty eighteen world cup in the bag all that's left is for russian officials and fifa to work out the game plan citing seventy is taking place and said. give russia fishel status as a host nation. the games will be held in five clusters consisting of fourteen cities. recap of the week's top stories poland plans to restage the flight that killed its president and ninety five others this comes after a russian report blamed pilot error something worse or does not fully accept prime minister donald tusk has urged the parliament not to politicize investigation. amid karzai makes an official visit to moscow the first blind afghan leader in decades drug trafficking and trade dominated talks with president get of both sides
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committing to supporting each other all scaled down to help afghanistan off to the withdrawal of the western forces in three years time. the lawyer of alleged russian arms to the victim booted from a mission to prove his client's extradition rights was illegal his defense team says it goes against established procedures one americans insist on calling the merchant of death who says he's the victim of a propaganda war. up next to the sports highlights for the tartly. hello and welcome to the sports news that he calls without top stories world number two a bit of the night all the boxes into the last sixteen of the all the open while he demands will usually sell for say shaab defeat in round three. clash of the conference as we preview the first of the n.f.l.
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semifinals green bay versus chicago and that see the side of. and also l.a. when else really beat iraq by a single goal to advancing to the asian cup semifinals. let's get started in melbourne and there will be four russian women vying for a quarter final place at the australian open this year second see the videos were not always one of them off to al gunning lucie safarova in straight sets on saturday the world number two before a set six three barely breaking into a sweat and the pro says but the matter was made to work for the fourth round spot in the second so far of a babbling game and to force a tie break was when i will finally came out the right side of an eleven to nine school and now the check that the benefit of a mix of. the level of my game if you would complete or to these matters to my first marriage i think i was. already i think there is still room for improvement.
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now kim clijsters continues a run in melbourne as well beating elliott scored in that first set went to a tie break which came taking at seven three with a classy backhand window. the second was more straightforward as she did six three slices admitted after the match she hasn't reached her best for me yet. you know i don't really kind of the times of fear i didn't finish off my point. so that i was building up my points pretty well when i was you know in charge you know a couple times most of easier volleys and then felt that i could maybe could drive to the kind of finish off the points a little bit sooner. i worked out there still stayed focused and monthly tough. you know it's really nice to do. some more fixtures from day six as a lot of us next opponent at the finish of the security picture of on this this year. there was also an old russian battle on the day with one seed to be considered the muck out of upsetting the. eight six in the decider and local
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favorites modest also a suit of fifth there's also outs to losing to patrick lead to. meanwhile mikhail youzhny is shot defeated by miller shall want to change round three and did russia's participation in the men's side of the draw down seeded usually forced back his bags up to the twenty year old with the serve in the shop even down so no may or shins remain in singles action in melbourne elsewhere. ferrera had no such worries both mandated free with these are victories. as do you draw fellow doll the top seed coming out a sixty two seven five and six three way to over local man bernard tomic rafael setting up a last sixteen meeting with gracious. defeated american john kerry in his third round try also on saturday. the bears are really. very good at the firm. that's normal for the people. no that's.
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very very rare and i want to be there as much. if you have to remember. and to mario also made sure that he's safely into the second week the world number five in syria salumi walloping you'll see a lot of us cruising to a six one six one six two victory and he has to drop it south this year in melbourne. is good. to go if the. well that brings us to the english premier league with a games on south a down day in the early one livable claimed their first win on the manager county del wish seeing all three mail on the road for a lot of tourists for the phrase they're. all the reds elsewhere manchester united
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have extended their lead to the top at least for a couple of hours the red devils threshing birmingham city five nailed with a hat trick but the bench to sit in meanwhile failed to catch up with united as they were all still struggling else in the vale of one nailed so arsenal apparently second thanks to call for them to go to a big one percy with a hatchery that wants the rest of the time is on the screen as well with fourth placed chelsea travelling to bolton. now staying with football but moving to qatar where australia booked a place in the last four of the asian cup that's off the beach in iraq in the quarter as normal time couldn't separate the side so it always seemed to an extra period where the aussies succeeded in being one having been eight minutes perique you will receive a pinpoint pass from at mackay ahead of the ball into the now being australia and
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there'll be. try and setting up a semifinal against his biggest on japan will beat south korea and the other say me to ok now it's do or die time in the n.f.l. playoffs with a conference championship some for consideration this weekend but again new york go had to having the a.f.c. decide of but it's the oldest much up in the game that gets going first on sunday it was a gorski previews the n.f.c. championship clash. the longest standing rivalry in the n.f.l. belongs to the bears and the packers despite many generations worth of battles dating all the way back to nine hundred twenty one the upcoming n.f.c. championship showdown may prove their biggest clash yet the two teams have met just once in the postseason and most fans in attendance likely won't remember that game which took place on december fourteenth one thousand nine hundred forty one the packers were able to battle through mounting injuries this year and got their playoff going by taking down the red hot michael vick and the philadelphia eagles a bird of a different feather was up next and green bay against the care of business by
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shocking the top seed the atlanta falcons the team showing it can overcome its previous winning two crucial games away from lambeau field one of the league's most feared linebackers clay matthews the third still remembers his regular season meeting the bears and is hoping for more of the same on sunday. so. that ten to three season finale when the sole reason for the packers season berth in reality only the two bears faithful believe their team would be one win away from the super bowl when the season started but chicago made all the right moves in the off season eccentric ah fence of corner mike martz and quarterback jay cutler on the same page as the bears totally dismantled the seahawks in their only
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postseason game ninety one million dollar man julius peppers holding up his end of the bargain on the defensive side cutler was able to run free and had time to throw against seattle but offensive line play has been the team's. there and while the fans are fired up about history which could be made focus soley on doing his job. in this game i want to. know the words of those. you know. the bears are looking to return to the super bowl for the first time since two thousand and six where lovie smith in his charges lost to the indianapolis colts the packers were led by brett farve back when they want it all in one thousand nine hundred ninety six and came up short in the final a year later so two storied rivals going to head to head in what is seen as one of the most important chapters in the bears packers saga the gorski argy.
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in the cage shelled in the moscow have ended their eleven game losing streak by beating to minsk own home on is three one and then you can model. for a slope south and on the scoreboard for the muscovite swelling the only other game of the day second from bottom beat is lost it's not very good. and more ice hockey news now we have gained in the bulk of well finish this season with the new york islanders the new york team snatch the thirty five year old russian goalie away from the detroit red wings just days after he signed a one year contract with them remember the n.h.l.'s collective bargaining agreement says that anyone who plays in a professional league before signing a contract must me away was. over to women's by also no way russians to be fooled by a six kilometer relay of the six stage of the world cup on saturday because. it's not but it was so i don't design so i have six spare hours unfinished fifty seven
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seconds ahead of suede and while the chairman violently is completed the thirty am off to clinching the bronze. and there was further success for russia in cross-country skiing as i thought you put into bronze in the past start to put in losing just for chance of a second to sweden's bjorn ferry who clinched the silver with margin for saab taking the top corners with a massive seventeen second advantage. over in court so mario reached posted her third down here when all the world cup season german beating americans julie among crews oh i am going to second and third respectively. spot in this discipline in three years reach meanwhile extended her overall world cup lead but want to retain stops in the downhill standings the action on the olympic slopes in cortina concludes with a super junior race on sunday. and in golf martin camera leads the abu dhabi championship going into the final day after
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shooting a sixty six on saturday the twenty town p.g.a. championship winner closing in on his third title in abu dhabi and last year's race to dubai when it only needs a top seven finished it would take diner was as well number two the final round to have drawn even kilroy's in second place five strokes off the irishman eagling the last one for a best of the day calling sixty five and bushman david lean lies one shot further behind in third place. and that's it for the moment on the way in a few moments a look at the world weather stay with us. from
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